Finance and Accounting

The 7 Leading Accounting Systems for Every Startup Stage

As the owner of a startup, you must juggle a lot to make your vision a reality and keep your business moving forward. To do that effectively, you need the right accounting system, and that includes optimized software, efficient workflows, and skilled talent. The best solution varies based on multiple factors including the size of […]

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Top Accounting Platforms for Startups

At an early-stage startup, hectic days are the norm. Between talking to investors, hiring new talent, acquiring new customers, and making your existing customers happy, you’re spending every second hustling—which means you don’t have the time or energy to manually take care of your company’s financial nuts and bolts. That’s where a good accounting tool […]

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Should You Outsource Your Accounting Operations?

The benefits of outsourcing accounting As any founder will tell you, starting a company is hard work. In the early days, it’s critical to be hyper-focused on building your product and brand, developing relationships, creating partnerships and generating sales. You’ll likely also be busy hiring, finding office space, and dealing with paperwork. The last thing […]

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QuickBooks Online vs. QuickBooks Desktop: Which Is Right for You?

In short, QuickBooks is “the accounting standard that accountants expect,” says Kerry Gallivan, Co-founder and CEO of Chimani. Often hailed as the #1 accounting system for small businesses, QuickBooks has indeed become the go-to accounting platform for startups of all sizes. That’s certainly the case among the Stacklist community, but for all its ubiquity, the general sentiment among our […]

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The Best Accounting Software for Early-stage Startups

Choosing which accounting software to use for your startup can be a daunting task. The first step to undertake before selecting a particular tool is to conduct a thorough needs assessment to understand both your financial and management needs. Some considerations to think about include what data your business needs to keep, what reports you […]

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