What to Look for in Recruiting Software

As a startup founder, when you decide you need new team members, you want to hire someone as soon as possible. If you post a job opening the old-fashioned way on job boards, it yields hundreds of applicants, but you may find yourself spending countless hours reading resumes only to find out that the right […]

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Recruiting Tools For Social Platforms

Upload your profile picture, state your education, put in your interests and skills. Is this Facebook or LinkedIn? Increasingly, our professional profiles have begun more and more to resemble our social profiles. As these two worlds blur, employers must ask of candidates and candidates must evaluate in themselves, “How am I coming off,” “What do […]

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4 Hiring Tools to Up Your Team’s Diversity

Diversity has been top-of-mind for tech companies in recent months. Slack, Dropbox, and Pinterest have so far as to release diversity reports, attempting to offer a transparent look into the demographic makeup of their employees (in a nutshell: women accounted for, on average, less than 40% of staff at these three companies, and minorities accounted for roughly half).  Diverse […]

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Stacklist Trend Report: Most Popular Recruiting Tools Among Startups

At Stacklist, we’ve asked hundreds of founders about the tools they use to grow their company. One of the most important questions is about recruiting. Most founders tell us that they use an assortment of tools to do their hiring, citing a combination of networking tools like LinkedIn or AngelList, applicant pools like The Muse or General Assembly, and ATSs (applicant […]

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When Should Startups Hire a Full-time Recruiter?

Along with an accounting team, startups are often advised to forego hiring HR staff in the early days. Instead, they’re told to outsource HR tasks, including recruiting, benefits, payroll and more, so that they can instead focus their time and money on building their business. But when it comes to recruiting, founders typically take on […]

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Which Recruiting Software Is Best for Your Startup?

Recruiting is an extremely important part of any company, and it’s critical for startups to make it a strategic priority. Especially with a lean team, each new hire should be viewed as an opportunity to add tangible value to the company, and wrong decisions can have a serious impact on your operations and your ability […]

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