7 Bookkeeping Hacks for Startups

Thanks to our friends at Bench for compiling these useful hacks to help startups. As an online bookkeeping service,Bench is a pro at helping startups and entrepreneurs streamline their financials. They’ve provided great service to a number of Stacklist startups and, in this guest blog, they share great advice with the broader Stacklist community.  — Let’s face it: managing your startup’s […]

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Tools for Managing an Hourly Workforce

This piece originally began as a piece on food startups, what tools they used and why. We did some digging and found some great tool trends. And then it occurred to us that there was a very interesting and helpful story here, not just for startups in the food industry, but for any startups – […]

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Zenefits and ZenPayroll: A recipe for success

Any startup that’s explored the HR administration and payroll landscape will vouch for the daunting array of choices and the complexity that comes with getting to know the competitive benefits space, and the nuances involved in regulatory compliance. Choosing a PEO is one way to offload all of those tasks, but it’s not for everyone. […]

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Standalone Payroll Services for Startups

So you’ve opted out of the PEO model. You’re not alone–so have 60% of Stacklist users! This approach is common for many seed-stage startups who either don’t offer benefits yet, and therefore don’t need the services of a PEO, and also for larger startups who have outgrown the PEO scene and have brought the full […]

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Is a PEO Right for You?

What is a PEO? Let’s start with the basics. What is a professional services organization? A PEO is a company that enables clients to outsource HR services, including employee benefits, payroll and workers’ compensation, recruiting, risk/compliance management, and training and development. Off-loading these time-consuming responsibilities allows a company’s internal teams to focus instead on higher-value […]

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