6 Sunrise Calendar Alternatives

Sunrise sunsets next week on August 31st. Sunrise was one of the best and most popular calendar tools out there, appearing on many founder stacklists alongside rave reviews. Microsoft acquired the app last year and has slowly been integrating it into Outlook.  One of Sunrise’s most popular features was the integration of your email into a […]

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Getting Started: The Best Tools for Launching Your Business

Like Ferris on his day off, once you hit your groove, things can go swimmingly. But getting there is an uphill battle. The same can be said of launching a startup. Every day we hear from entrepreneurs who remind us that every startup with 40K twitter followers at some point had only one… that every […]

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Tools For Note Taking in the 21st Century

If you are anything like us here at Stacklist, you use a lot of sticky notes, and I mean a lot of sticky notes. Whether it is to-do lists, brainstorming ideas, or drawings of martinis, sticky notes are a hallmark of our office – and if they are not of yours we highly recommend them. The […]

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4 Techniques (and 16 Apps) That’ll Help You Conquer Email

You’ve probably heard of them: the companies who ban email. MT Online, a 36-person Latin American startup, got rid of internal email eight years ago—and hasn’t looked back since. Atos, a French communication company with more than 76,000 employees, took the same route in 2011. That same year, travel comparison site El Major Trato began its own email embargo.  […]

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8 Tools You Need to Make the Writing Process Vastly Easier

It’s been 20 years since Bill Gates declared “Content is king,” but his statement has never been more true. And content is especially important for startups—unlike established companies with huge marketing budgets, earlier companies have to maximize every dollar they spend on getting the word out. Banner ads often don’t work, and other types of advertising […]

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6 Advanced Techniques That’ll Change How You Use Google Docs

Google Docs is simple—so simple that two seconds after you decide to work on a file, it’s open and you’re typing.  That’s probably why it’s heavily favored by Stacklist startups in their early stages. After all, when a team is young, you don’t need the most robust or complex option. On the contrary, you should opt for […]

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