Project Management

INFOGRAPHIC: Trello vs. Asana vs. Basecamp

Trello vs. Asana vs. Basecamp Project management tools keep teams and individuals on track. They help us organize chaos and minutiae. And they free our brains to focus on quality, creativity and comprehensiveness in our execution of projects.  Three project management tools dominate the startup market. Choosing the right project management tool, whether for its […]

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Basecamp Review: High Function + Low Frills

In my experience, a lot of project management systems don’t get wide company adoption. But Basecamp is super simple and super easy to start using. The learning curve and onboarding curve is really quick. We don’t want to spend a lot of time training employees and Basecamp is the best way to onboard. I’ve used […]

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Asana Review: Checklist on Steroids

With 1 out of 5 startups using Asana, it’s one of the most popular project management and productivity tools among startups. The driving force behind its inception in 2008 was actually the productivity needs on teams at Facebook. Ipso facto, use Asana and achieve wild success. Asana: move work forward “Asana is amazing! I can’t live […]

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Trello Review: Easy Breezy Beautiful

Trello: organize anything, anywhere with anyone “We use Trello for product management and design. I’ve played with most product management applications out there, like Asana and Basecamp, and Trello works best for us. We use the Kanban technique for visualization, and Trello fits in well with that. I like the open-ended framework and flexible nature […]

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The Best Project Management Add-Ons, Integrations & Plugins

Employing the proper project management tools into your workflow increases precision, encourages coordination and saves time. Below are some of the best free and paid tools that serve as add-ons or enhanced integrations into a basic setup. The Best Project Management Tools for JIRA As one of the most popular agile project management tools on the market, JIRA has […]

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Microsoft Planner Enters the Project Management Toolscape

We love hearing about new tools (ifyoucouldn’ttell). On June 6 when Microsoft announced its launch for Microsoft Planner, I was interested immediately. A little about me, my name is Danny and I do marketing research at Stacklist. I’m also a Microsoft advocate (I do all of my work from their Surface Pro 4) so I expect […]

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