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March 19, 2016

There’s really no good source for market compensation data other than Advanced-HR. There used to be a chart on Wealthfront where you could put in a job title and it’d spit out data, but that chart is long gone. Advanced-HR has stepped up and taken its place. It’s technically free, but you have to upload your company’s information to get the compensation data for about 2,000 startups. You can filter by job type, level, geography, etc., and Advanced-HR spits out compensation data like base pay, variables like bonus pay, and even equity amounts. It is amazing! And no one knows about it! It’s a great little secret, but I do want to share it because it will only get more powerful, and accurate, as more data is added. Advanced-HR can help your company stop making offers outside of ranges. We would’ve used this for employee number 10 and up had we known about it earlier.

Mike Molinet

Co-founder & COO - Branch Metrics

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Advanced-HR - Best Workforce Management Tools for Startups

Advanced-HR is a cloud-based platform to help companies to develop and design competitive compensation plans without breaking the bank.

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