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Jan. 6, 2018

We all use JIRA. We found this new tool Aha! that complemented what JIRA has. We use that for top-level roadmapping. It is something that is not very developer-focused on bugs and features. We link it with JIRA and the two put together give us a good picture. Most work is catalogued in JIRA. We just evolved into using JIRA. We used to use Todoist or just a spreadsheet. These things don’t scale when you want to have issues categorized along multiple levels so JIRA is heavy enough, but it has lots of integrations and can handle it.

Abhinav Asthana

Founder & CEO - Postman

June 12, 2017

AHA! is an idea and bug tracking tool, complementary to Pivotal Tracker. It is a great place to exchange ideas; employees and users can also both report bugs in it. It doesn’t have good project management tools, though, so we have to then convert ideas and bugs into tickets in Pivotal Tracker.

Alex Kruglov

Co-founder & CEO - Smiletime

Nov. 11, 2015

Aha! Ideas is great for collecting ideas for new features.

Navdeep Reddy

Co-founder & CIO - Enplug

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Aha! - Best Roadmap Tools for Startups

Aha! is a cloud-software that help users to manage product creation by enabling them to set strategy goals, create and share visual roadmaps, and report on progress.

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