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July 18, 2017

We were using Mixpanel but the product seems to be stagnant. I haven’t seen many features update recently. Amplitude instead has a lot of great predictive and machine learning features.

Emery Wells

Co-founder & CEO -

July 17, 2017

Amplitude is cool because it makes things simple to set up and start collecting. You can set up tracking on it without having to create brand new integrations.

Andy Fossett

Co-founder & CEO - GMB Fitness

June 30, 2017

We needed more detailed used tracking so we adopted Amplitude. Amplitude detects the user flow entry point and exit point on our application. The price point is very reasonable.

Patrick Poulin

Founder & CEO - API Fortress

Amplitude - Best Mobile Analytics Tools for Startups

Amplitude is an event-based business intelligence and analytics tool that helps startups visualize and optimize what they call the “behavioral layer.” Amplitude uses event flows to to help product teams, developers and marketers understand user behavior across platforms. Amplitude’s real-time data and flexible dashboards allow you to segment users and analyze marketing funnels, retention and revenue. Developers can even funnel your raw data into an Amazon Redshift database so teams can run their own queries.

How startups use Amplitude?

Built with the needs of both small and large companies in mind, Amplitude works right out of the box with minimal setup, but also has the advanced analytics features commonly found in enterprise-level products. In addition, early-stage startups appreciate Amplitude’s fair prices, which come out cheaper, on average, than platforms like Mixpanel and Kissmetrics.

How much does Amplitude cost?

Choose from Amplitude’s two pricing plans, depending on the complexity of your needs. The free Starter plan allows for 1 million monthly events over two different apps, as well as limited email support. The Enterprise plan, which requires a quote from the company, allows for unlimited events, unlimited apps, phone support, analytics training, a success manager and more.

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