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Oct. 21, 2015

Push notification services--we’ve looked at Parse, Urban Airship, and Amazon SMS, but we want to know how we can handle push notifications in a developer-friendly way. I have personal ties to Urban Airship, but I want what’s best for business, so any recommendations would be great. Customer Service--We want a robust customer service software. I’m drawn to Intercom and like their holistic approach to integrating, but would like any thoughts on good software for customer service. Beta deployments We’ve explored Layer for messaging. Does that make sense? We use Firebase for chat and comments and things like that, but we like Layer and what they’re doing and what they’ve built. Might make sense down the road. Any thoughts you have would be welcome.

Max Engel

Co-founder - Quill

Oct. 20, 2015

I would love a tool that would give us a simple, cohesive overview of what a company is doing as a whole, with detailed information on what other departments are focused on, along with who the main contacts are for different priorities. Something that provides a project status update for the entire company. You don’t always know what everyone else is doing, aside from team updates and info dumps, but most people are only half paying attention to those.

Avi Muchnick

Co-founder - Aviary

Oct. 12, 2015

Social media management tool for Instagram. Evernote that would be for teams. Quip does that, but this seems like more of a Google Docs alternative, not Evernote alternative. Considerations are that it needs to be integrated into Slack, lightweight, mobile. If notes are not posted on Slack that something changed, then people will ignore it.

Ondrej Prostrednik

Co-founder - Cloudo

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