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June 8, 2016

We built for our own use, and the system remains our key tool. We use it to store our investment knowledge and apply it quickly to new opportunities. For example, we can take our methodology for looking at a company like Domino’s, add it to the system, and then develop a view on a company like Papa John’s in a matter of hours. If we then look at another franchise organization 3 months later, we can do the same, without having forgotten anything. If it turns out we made a mistake on our original Domino’s investment - missed a cost or forgot about some risk - we can add it to the system and never make the same mistake again. And anyone else who has access to the system can leverage that same knowledge without having to make the mistake themselves.

Ilya Podolyako

Founder - Blackbird

June 8, 2016

In our world, “content” means financial analysis. is our way of organizing our financial knowledge in a way that’s permanent and easy to use. When we have an investment insight or a better way of thinking about a business, we add it to the system. then uses that knowledge when building models, so we can consistently spot issues behind the numbers and avoid mistakes. Because our knowledge lives on, anyone with access to the system can use it to generate their own views.

Ilya Podolyako

Founder - Blackbird

June 8, 2016

The most important data to us is how a company will perform in the future. The only real way to get this data is by organizing all of the public information about a business into a granular financial model. You can then see how sales translate to profit, how growth uses cash, and so on. The work is labor-intensive. We built our toolkit to do more of this type of analysis automatically: Blackbird builds bottom-up financial models in Excel automatically. We also use Bloomberg for standard market color and research.

Ilya Podolyako

Founder - Blackbird

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Blackbird makes software that forecasts how companies will perform over time.

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