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June 12, 2017

I use the free version of Buffer. I am posting 3/4 times per day and it allows me to connect with Facebook and Twitter. I’m using Google Chrome so I have a Chrome icon for Buffer that allows me to post across channels.

Linh Le

Founder & CEO - Bonbouton

May 12, 2017

Buffer is very easy to use, but the display has some limitation especially when you want to use the advanced features. You can schedule some of the postings but for about 50% of them we end up going directly into the app. I wouldn’t pay for the premium version as there is not enough added value.

Nadine Cuany

Co-founder & CEO - Yalty

April 10, 2017

We use Buffer for project management within the Social Media segment, to collaborate across offices on launching new posts.

Christina Sass

Co-founder & COO - Andela

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Visit the website: https://buffer.com/

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