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June 8, 2017

We use BuzzSumo to monitor mentions of our competitors. Then we have a VA filter out the noise and use Ninja Outreach to contact the people who mentioned our competitors to see if they would be OK to give us a try.

Emeric Ernoult

Founder & CEO - Agorapulse

Feb. 18, 2017

We look for the best links for Twitter and our newsletter with BuzzSumo.

Matt Helbig

Co-founder, Growth - Really Good Emails

Sept. 2, 2016

We use BuzzSumo to get a feel for what is getting traction in our problem space. The data provided still requires a fair amount of qualitative judgement however, since BuzzSumo just provides raw numbers (i.e. massive but useless sharing botnets) and has no “quality” type scoring system.

Dylan Baskind

Co-founder & CEO - Qwilr

BuzzSumo - Best Content Marketing Tools for Startups

BuzzSumo gives you insight into what content is working, and the influencers amplifying it.

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