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April 17, 2016

Applicant Tracking Software is part of the enhanced functionality of our job board software. Candidates go to job boards and apply. Employers post their jobs and pay by e-commerce or invoice. Job applications can be sent by email or collected in the ATS that is attached to our system. Our software does all of that. Our ATS is a great tool to manage resumes and candidates, and making notes about candidates. There are pre-screening questionnaires and a scoring/rating mechanism to help us shortlist for jobs when we hire. Our customers can do all of that. We are always testing our own tool by being users of our products, screening and managing our resumes when we’re hiring. Before, I was doing what most startups did and kept them in a file folder structure, and resumes piled up in there.

Afifa Siddiqui

Co-founder & CEO - Careerleaf

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