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July 30, 2017

We also use ChartMogul which is great for SaaS analytics. It connects with Stripe and converts everything into data.

David Chait

Founder & CEO - Travefy

June 8, 2017

ChartMogul is great for SaaS companies; it’s a really good product. As a SaaS company, you need to track a lot of metrics: MRR, churn, LTV, etc. We used to do it manually, and it was such a pain. We tried to build our own backend to do it (our CTO spent two weeks to do it). When ChartMogul released their product, we were like “Oh my God.” ChartMogul updates metrics in real-time and gives you very good filtering options. You can also add tags to your users and agencies to see LTV for them. You can also add tags based on channels to see the LTV and revenue for Facebook ads, organic, etc. That way you can see which channels actually work. ChartMogul is a lifesaver for a SaaS CEO/CTO.

Emeric Ernoult

Founder & CEO - Agorapulse

April 4, 2017

We use ChartMogul to see MRR, subscriptions, identity plans, and stuff like that. ChartMogul updates their product a lot which is nice. Now you can add leads and do conversions with ChartMogul. Going through the sale of a company, which I’ve done, and having reports on MRR, churn, etc. that’s pulled from Stripe data is perfect. If we ever sell or move, we have years of data with ChartMogul.

Kevin Linden

Co-founder - NiftyImages

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