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Dec. 11, 2017

We started on was great for a very small sales team because it was very email driven, which was good for us. But it lacked management reporting, analytics and workflow features. Salesforce has every feature under the sun. The UI is incredibly clunky, but we’re making do.

Ari Paparo

CEO - Beeswax

Oct. 17, 2017

I like I used to be a sales director at Zendesk for 5 years where I used Salesforce. I didn't want to use Salesforce when I started my own company. They give us what Salesforce is giving us but in a much more cleaner, simpler, more modern and easier to use package. Salesforce is infinitely more complex and hard to administer. At a small company we don’t want to have someone just to administer Salesforce--we want something that works out of the box. The downsides are that you don’t have an infinite feature set but we don’t really need that either right now.

Nick Franklin

Founder & CEO - ChartMogul

July 30, 2017

We use to track outbound and inbound sales. It takes care of the process before someone becomes a customer. is fantastic because it has all of the integrated pieces we need. For example, we can make phone calls directly from the system. It is a one stop hub for client communication.

David Chait

Founder & CEO - Travefy

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2%Stacklist Startups Are Using - Best CRM Tools for Startups is a system that’s all about maximizing outreach and enabling you to contact potential customers as quickly and efficiently as possible. It has a streamlined interface that, rather than focusing on analytics and reporting like most CRMs, focuses in on eliminating data entry and providing easy access to leads so that your salespeople can get in touch with as many people as possible. comes with advanced email capabilities, but where the tool really shines is its phone service, allowing your salespeople to call leads right from the app, automatically logging and recording any and all interactions with each lead, and storing all of that data within a precise query system that makes it easy for you to find old or stalled leads. The downside to is its pricing; it’s vastly more expensive than most other CRMs, but that may be money well spent if your focus is on perfecting your sales funnel.

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The pricing for is a bit prohibitive for some earlier-stage startups and it doesn’t have organizational hierarchies built into the app that larger companies might need, making it a better fit for midsized startups.

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