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March 30, 2016

Coinkite processes bitcoin payments. We have two features, the first is the most used bitcoin API in the market. If you want to build a full integration with bitcoin payments, you can do it with our API. And we also have a bitcoin checkout system so you can use our bitcoin page to customize your values.

Rodolfo Novak

Founder & CEO - Coinkite

March 30, 2016

We get paid in bitcoins and you can set up percentages to set up into different accounts. Our system is different because of the industry we’re in. Salaries get paid and we automate that through our own software, Coinkite. Then our accountant manages how much of that gets taxed. We are one of the most commonly used sites for bitcoin transactions.

Rodolfo Novak

Founder & CEO - Coinkite

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Coinkite - Best Credit Card Processing Tools for Startups

Coinkite is the leading bitcoin platform with multisig wallets, merchant tools, developer API, and hardcore privacy.

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