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July 23, 2016

I love Contactually. I think it’s the most intuitive, visually friendly CRM for a team to collaborate around. I was using it to teach my team about pipelines and workflows. Contactually is especially helpful in relational selling--it makes it really easy. If we weren’t consolidating everything into HubSpot, I would continue to use it.

Derick Thompson

Founder & Managing Director - StartupRunner

Sept. 14, 2015

We evaluated everything. We wanted something that had strong Gmail integration. Contactually does that very well but it’s really buggy, so we chose Solve360, which is the next best option. It feels a bit last-generation and has an awkward UI, but it does the job well.

Matthew Robins

CEO - DeansList

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Contactually converts your contacts to relationships, all through email. We identify when you email a new lead, show what we already know about them, and ask a few specific questions to learn more: how did you meet, how important are them, what are the next steps. We parse your response and automatically push all rich data to your CRM.

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