CrowdTangle reviews from startup founders

March 5, 2018

CrowdTangle is really useful for media companies. You can see what's trending on social in real time and use it as your own benchmark in-app to help you analyze content that is over-performing or underperforming. It has great tools to see how your content is performing against your competitors because it scrapes across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Meghan Raab

Senior Manager of Audience Development - Girlboss

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CrowdTangle - Best BI / Analytics Tools for Startups

CrowdTangle helps companies find amazing content. We make sure you never miss a big moment. Whether it's an internal viral hit, breaking international news, a heartwarming hyperlocal story, or a competitor's biggest hit of the day, you'll know about it. With our platform, you can easily compare yourself to the rest of your industry, rank your own affiliated properties and discover other influential accounts across all the major social platforms.

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