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Nov. 26, 2015

We use the Dash Prepaid Mastercard from Karmic Labs, and it’s really good. I would highly recommend their services if you need prepaid cards for expenses. We have at least 10 cards at each school, and each card is assigned to a driver. One of its big advantages is that I can monitor all transactions through the Karmic Labs dashboard.

Aaron Hoffman

Founder & Owner - Campus Delivery

Nov. 26, 2015

We’ve been rolling out Karmic Labs’ Dash Prepaid Mastercard slowly. The big reason why we wanted to try them is because we wanted to simplify our expense account system. We have employees that range from entry level to executive, and while the executives were fine putting expenses on their own credit cards and then expensing it all later, we wanted to find a solution that would also work for our lower-level and, usually younger, employees. The Dash card allows us to essentially give everyone a company card without a huge credit line. It’s a good in-between to control and keep track of expenses. And the cards are free, so it’s been easy give cards to anyone on our end. In addition, no credit checks are required, which is nice.

Gia Hua

Head of Finance - Dots

Nov. 26, 2015

We use our own product, Dash, for our expenses. It is terrifically easy. We are able to open up our cards to each other so we can all see how much we’re all using. We all spend from a set account, which makes managing company expenses so much easier than the alternatives. We integrate into all accounting software like FreshBooks, Xero, etc., and all data is transferred to your accounting software automatically.

Johanna Maska

Senior VP Communications & Marketing - Karmic Labs

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Dash - Best Expense Reports Tools for Startups

Dash manages cash flow and expenses for teams that need to spend money in lots of places at once, without wasting time filing paperwork or passing around a shared card.

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