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March 16, 2016

We’re using our own product, DOZ! DOZ is a hybrid tool. There’s software to manage social media, and search marketing campaigns. And natively, there’s also an on-demand marketplace of over 7,000 marketers, in 21 countries, that can help any company localize their marketing efforts. So if you want to market in Brazil, we’ll put you in touch with local Brazilian marketers. We are not isolated, and very integrated with other tools. For example, clients can import their Google Drive files, and DOZ works with Shopify and WordPress, etc. Other startups find us extremely helpful.

Anji Ismail

Co-founder & CEO - DOZ

March 16, 2016

DOZ is great for creating social media content.

Anji Ismail

Co-founder & CEO - DOZ

March 16, 2016

In DOZ itself, we have a litigation tool that we built from scratch. It’s a big part of the process that we sell.

Anji Ismail

Co-founder & CEO - DOZ

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DOZ - Best Ecommerce Tools for Startups

DOZ helps websites to run more effective online marketing campaigns by managing natives industry experts and marketing professionals.

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DOZ aims to help companies enter new countries by crowdsourcing organic marketing (specifically, search, social media, and blogs).

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