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Jan. 12, 2016

We use Fieldbook for user testing. It’s very useful for keeping a list of who wanted to try our product, as well as who we’re scheduling demos with. We’ve also used it for tracking investor and fundraising conversations. You can easily keep a list of investors, who you’ve contacted, who you have met with, etc.

Jason Crawford

Co-founder & CEO - Fieldbook

Jan. 12, 2016

We use Fieldbook as our applicant tracking system. We are able to track candidates, who has reached out to them, what stage they’re at, and who on our team is the main contact for them.

Jason Crawford

Co-founder & CEO - Fieldbook

Jan. 12, 2016

We use our own tool, Fieldbook! Project management is the biggest use case for dogfooding our own product. Fieldbook is a cross between a spreadsheet and a database, and a huge advantage is that it’s really easy to change your mind, add and remove columns, etc. You can have nice grouped views, which are a bit like a cross between Trello and a spreadsheet. But unlike Trello, you can easily switch what you’re grouping on. And unlike a spreadsheet, you can add a paragraph of detail easily. We have one workbook to track development tasks, another for backlog prioritization, and another for high-level roadmap planning.

Jason Crawford

Co-founder & CEO - Fieldbook

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