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April 28, 2016

We built a proprietary app called our Funding Portal Search App. It’s available on the Google Play and the Apple app store, and can also be used directly from the homepage of our website or added to third-party websites. The market-facing version allows you to download the tool and to use it on your phone to find funding for your business or organization. Our app aggregates and helps us to manage data on 15,000 sources of funding across North America, and to capture more than 14 data points on 17,000 companies searching for funding each month. Ultimately, Funding Portal Search allows us to match companies to funding sources and solutions, based on the data they entered. This is pretty unique in the market--we often describe it as a dating website for companies and capital.

Teri Kirk

Founder & CEO - Funding Portal

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Funding Portal improves access to government and private sector funding for businesses in the US and Canada.

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