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Feb. 11, 2018

For anything internal, we use Google Hangouts and for anything client-facing it's UberConference. The reason is that UberConference is the least sucky tool because it doesn’t involve installation of a third party app. They made calls really easy, “click & play”. Anything like Zoom or don’t get me started on Skype for Business, anything like that is impossible, especially for enterprise clients because you have to work around their internal protocols and network policies. UberConference works 80% of the time and for the remaining 20 we improvise, but it’s still the best thing we can come up. We’ve looked through every conferencing tool out there and it's okay, but definitely not the best. We use it because it’s easy and best at bypassing network policies and restrictions, and for the most part works well.

Idan Geva

Co-founder & Chief Business Officer - Wizer

Feb. 3, 2018

We use a lot of Skype internally and externally. Quite a lot. Google Hangouts--we’ve tried and used as well, if our client insisted on not using Skype, but Skype is our go to. I don’t like the interface redesign, but on the other hand I don’t care because it works. I didn’t mind the old one and I never had any issues, so I don’t know why they changed it.

Maarten Verschuere

Founder & Managing Partner - Clever Europe

Jan. 6, 2018

We have as many internal communication tools as the number of people we have. Anything at that point in time that gets the call done. We have used Zoom. It depends on what the person on the other line is using. I think a lot of these tools’ quality has gotten better over time. I think Google Hangouts and Meet is good. We use it for a weekly demo day that 40 people are on.

Abhinav Asthana

Founder & CEO - Postman

Google Hangouts - Best Video Calls, Webinars & Screen Sharing Tools for Startups

Google Hangouts is an internal communication tool that allows for group chat, photo sharing, video chat for up to 10 people and automatic archiving. Like most other Google products, it both integrates seamlessly with other Google apps and is free to use. Hangouts runs on Android and iOS, allowing you to take your work on the go. A number of Stacklist users report having experienced some technical glitches with Hangouts--like buggy video--but the draw of the Google platform and its price point are enough to maintain a large user base.

How startups use Google Hangouts?

Customers run the gamut of size and stage, from seed-stage up to series B.

How much does Google Hangouts cost?

Google Hangouts is free to use with any Google account. However, international calls cost points that must be purchased with Google Wallet.

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