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Feb. 24, 2018

Email is kind of confusing, as it’s designed as a one to one communication. But today in digital communication, people have much greater needs than one-to-one messaging. They need something for file storage, video conferencing, calls, and services, and they go to so many different applications to fulfill this, while still going back to email. Pretty much the best part about of Hop is that it works on top of your existing email. You don’t have to add anything new and you can add all these capabilities on top. Other service providers like Slack are pretty much external to email. They don’t address email or they try to kill email. Hop isn’t an alternative--it’s a solution. Instead of trying to break email, it’s trying to fix it. It’s amazing because you don’t have to register a new account and everything is on top and you can do everything on it.

Roy Glueckstern

Marketing Manager - Hop

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Hop - Best Email Productivity Tools for Startups

Hop is a modern communication platform that enhances the capabilities of what can be done with email, making communication faster and more seamless, all from an existing email account.

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Visit the website: https://gethop.com/

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