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Oct. 15, 2017

I’ve never found any cons to InVision. It’s very simple because you don’t have to do any coding.

Laurence Girard

Founder & CEO - Fruit Street

Sept. 22, 2017

I like it a lot. I’ve looked at a few other things but I just find that InVision is the easiest to catch on and I didn’t have to look at anything else super seriously.

Jessica Mah

Co-founder & CEO - inDinero

Aug. 5, 2017

We have a full time in-house UX designer who is using InVision. It is easy to prototype and test out the designs with the team.

Jennifer Li

Co-founder & CEO - MuseFind

InVision - Best Mockups, Wireframes & Prototyping Tools for Startups

InVision is a project management tool for design collaboration. It’s all about getting a design and UX mock-up running with the least amount of friction. InVision enables companies to prototype web and mobile designs without needing to code each version. Some features include the instant transfer of code to an experimental model, easy in-app collaboration, and the ability to organize real-time presentations.

How startups use InVision?

InVision tends to be used as more of a niche product for designers and, to some extent, developers. The platform offers a comprehensive suite of features that cover the entire range of design needs, which is why its users cover the full spectrum in terms of size, stage and industry--from freelance designers to large operations like Netflix and Twitter.

How much does InVision cost?

InVision has five pricing plans. Its initial, free plan offers you one project and one user. You can upgrade to the $15/month Starter plan that offers three projects and one user; the $25/month Professional plan with unlimited projects and one user; or the $100/month Team plan that allows unlimited projects and up to five users. Anything over five users is considered an Enterprise plan; The standard Enterprise plan allows up to 10 contributors and 10 reviewers for an annual price of $5,400.

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