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Dec. 11, 2017

For sourcing we use a mixture of AngelList, Hired, and LinkedIn. It seems like there’s a new tool everyday. We’ve had good luck with Hired, but also some bad luck with candidates who didn’t work out.

Ari Paparo

CEO - Beeswax

Oct. 18, 2017

While our best recruiting channel is our own referral network, we’ve also had good results using both LinkedIn and Built In Colorado.

Tom Fischaber

Co-founder & VP Operations - Woot Math

Oct. 15, 2017

LinkedIn Recruiter is good. I think their targeting capabilities are very impressive. You can drill down and recruit people for all your needs.

Laurence Girard

Founder & CEO - Fruit Street

LinkedIn - Best Job Boards Tools for Startups

LinkedIn is a professional social media network that helps you connect to a massive pool of potential employees and recruiters. For the individual user, it’s a wonderful way to build a network in your industry and hunt for new opportunities. For companies, it’s a way to find new talent. Many businesses subscribe to the LinkedIn Recruiter package, which helps them navigate the vast ocean of candidates with advanced searches, automatic candidate tracking and unlimited profile views. The network itself contains 300 million members in over 200 countries, which makes it easily the largest pool of talent there is.

How startups use LinkedIn?

LinkedIn’s massive talent pool is a great resource for companies of all sizes, but the Recruiting tool itself can be a little expensive--particularly if you need to purchase multiple licenses--making it a better fit for larger companies with more resources.

How much does LinkedIn cost?

LinkedIn itself is a free service, and they offer a free month of their advanced LinkedIn Recruiter Lite package, but once the trial expires it costs $119.95/month or $1,199.40/year. The full LinkedIn Recruiter is even more powerful but doesn’t publicize its pricing.

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