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June 4, 2016

Every one of our customers has a board that is shared with our support team. Whenever they have a problem or when we need to reach a customer, we write a message on that support board.

Karan Gupta

Co-founder & CEO - Mammoth

June 4, 2016

All of our work, all of our projects are very well documented in Mammoth. It’s like Evernote meets Slack. It’s a really powerful shared notes product with real time chat built into it. It means I can have a conversation about the project I’m working on, I can add in anyone I want, I can throw in any charts/pictures/graphs, and have a timeline of the project. All of that is maintained in our history so nothing is ever really lost in Mammoth, so I can clean up the entire project from time to time. It works phenomenally well for founders who are working on a new business for their pitches or to create new products in any field. Scientists also use our tool in their labs since it’s better to use Mammoth as opposed to a combination of Dropbox, Google Drive, email and Slack. Mammoth will show a timeline of the product as it’s developed.

Karan Gupta

Co-founder & CEO - Mammoth

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Mammoth is a cloud SaaS wiki that combines file sharing, documents & real-time messaging.

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