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Aug. 5, 2017

Metabase monitors the health of our customers. For example, how long is our customer staying on one campaign, how many chats influencers have on our platform, and how is their relationship with the brand. They run reports to find out how much the influencer is talking on the chat compared to the brand, allow user feedback and even monitor our own server run time and downtime. This data is very useful to our COO and CTO to apply roadmaps and do troubleshooting.

Jennifer Li

Co-founder & CEO - MuseFind

May 29, 2016

Metabase is an open source tool for business intelligence. This is very new for us, but the deployment was super seamless.

Aksh Gupta

Co-founder & CEO - Occasion

March 22, 2016

Portfolio-wide, we are standardized on Metabase, a post-hoc company we built out internally at Expa. The biggest reason we developed Metabase was to help non-engineers pull events out of databases. It installs in about 5 minutes, doesn’t require a ton of support to set up, and companies naturally use it more and more over time. Often times, a company will have a product in a super early stage, where they don’t have any KPIs and dashboards, but they want simple questions answered like, “How many people signed up?”. This stretched Google Analytics and Mixpanel in ways that weren’t suitable, so we developed Metabase.

Sameer Al-Sakran

CTO - Expa

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Metabase is the easy, open source way for everyone in your company to ask questions and learn from data.

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