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Aug. 3, 2017

Mixpanel works great--their predictive capabilities have helped us identify more leads and target people that were ready to buy. If you add your Mixpanel credentials to Intercom, you have all the users automatically created in Intercom and can use the properties to trigger Intercom actions.

Agustin Pelaez

Co-founder & CEO - Ubidots

July 30, 2017

Mixpanel was hard to implement. You have to keep updating it. It is not a plug-and-play solution.

Frederieke Wolter

Founder - Favoroute

July 18, 2017

We were using Mixpanel but the product seems to be stagnant. I haven’t seen many features update recently. Amplitude instead has a lot of great predictive and machine learning features.

Emery Wells

Co-founder & CEO - Frame.io

Mixpanel - Best BI / Analytics Tools for Startups

Mixpanel is a business intelligence and analytics platform for websites and mobile applications that gives you the information you need to easily optimize your online presence and customer retention. With a strong focus on mobile and a broad range of real-time data that provides valuable insight into the overall health of your app, Mixpanel is the most popular paid analytics tool in our database. Many use Mixpanel in conjunction with Google Analytics, taking advantage of Google Analytics’ free application to measure overall traffic to their site, while Mixpanel provides more in-depth analysis. Mixpanel is similar in many ways to Kissmetrics, but its loyal Stacklist followers tell us they love Mixpanel for its usability, real-time data and out-of-the-box reports.

How startups use Mixpanel?

Its ease of use makes it hugely popular in the startup community, though many view it as an introductory BI tool. Founders report that they tend to move away from Mixpanel as they grow, either because they begin to need hyper-specific data that Mixpanel can’t provide, or because of the platform’s price points that scale with the number of data points and users you need to track.

How much does Mixpanel cost?

Mixpanel has two plans: “engagement plans” that center around the number of data points you need, and “people plans,” based on the number of users you track. Engagement plans offer the first 25,000 data points for free, with additional upgrades available: 500,000 data points for $150 a month; 2 million for $350 a month; 4 million for $600 a month; 8 million for $1,000 a month; and 20 million for $2,000 a month. People plans offer the first 1,000 profiles for free, and then move on to 50,000 users for $150 a month; 100,000 for $250 a month, 300,000 for $650 a month; 500,000 for $1,000 a month; and 1 million users for $1,800 a month. Custom quotes are available for companies requiring additional capacity.

Vendor info

Visit the website: https://mixpanel.com/

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