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June 8, 2017

Our HR manager uses Nereo to manage time off for vacations and holidays. Knowing when people are off or not has become a pain in the neck. You get to a point where you have a larger and more remote team, so you need one place to see who’s working. We’ve had the pain for a year and a half. Before we were using a Google Spreadsheet, but it wasn’t doing the job. Too much was missing from it. I tell my team not to use or purchase a tool until you feel the pain. Try to use Google for anything you need until you feel like you’re hitting wall after wall. Another trap that people can fall into is thinking a tool will solve a problem. The problem is actually in the process, not the tool. You need to figure out a process and how the process should be engineered. If you do tool first, process second, you end up making the wrong decision.

Emeric Ernoult

Founder & CEO - Agorapulse

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Automate leave management with Nereo: leave accrual calculation, online leave requests, validation workflow.

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