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Sept. 13, 2016

I use Evernote if I’m writing something more “long term” or if I’m writing a content piece. Otherwise I use the Notepad tool on Mac to jot down quick notes. I try not to “overtool” myself.

Latif Nanji

Co-founder & CEO - Roadmunk

June 19, 2016

MacBook’s Notes is great because it integrates with my personal email account. It was a random discovery and has become my personal Trello.

Donald Spann

Founder - Companion Maids

Feb. 28, 2016

I use the Notes app on my Mac with a list called "priorities", a list called "today", and a list called "tomorrow".

Ray Gillenwater

Co-founder & CEO - SpeakUp

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With Notes, users can turn a list into an interactive checklist with a single tap or easily add a photo, map, or URL to a note for later, synced to iCloud, accessible across all devices.

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