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Feb. 24, 2016

We use Zendesk with our OnSIP Call Assistant for Google Chrome. With this OnSIP Chrome extension, a call comes in and a Zendesk ticket is automatically created. At the end of the call, OnSIP stamps the ticket with the duration of the call. We switched technologies a little while ago on the plugin, and during the week that it was down, it was torture. That’s when you know you really depend on something!

Mike Oeth


Feb. 24, 2016

We use our OnSIP application for video and audio calls. We definitely eat our own dog food! We use it for extension dialing, video calls, and conference calls, and it’s something we’ve come to rely on. You can keep track of all calls, no matter the team you’re on; you can see when customers are waiting in support queues, and you can see if a colleague is already on a call. We use it on all of our teams, and we have 48,000 customers using us! But you can’t be all things to all people, which we understand and embrace, which is why we use Slack for chat and OnSIP for video calling.

Mike Oeth


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