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Aug. 7, 2016

We use Outbound, even though it’s not really an analytics tool. It has a lot of capabilities in that area.

Josh Weissburg

Co-founder - Outbound

Aug. 7, 2016

For email marketing, we use Outbound. Based on what you need done, it leads you along, and you can be specific about the situation. We are really good at measuring quality. Many email marketing tools are of dubious value. There is a lot of emphasis on opens and clicks. We focus on the quality side. In essence, does this email work. We tie it back to action.

Josh Weissburg

Co-founder - Outbound

March 31, 2016

We use Outbound.io to send emails. The company is a startup, so it is a little bit unstable - but their product works well.

Sinan Yasar

Co-founder & Chief Product Architect - Koding

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Outbound - Best Marketing Automation Tools for Startups

Outbound is a customer engagement tool for growth teams. Outbound tracks everything end users do and then enables clients to trigger email, mobile push, SMS, in-website messages and webhooks based on those actions. Outbound also AB tests how effective each message is at moving people through the client's product. For example, a client could setup and measure whether an email or mobile push notification is a better way to onboard new users who have used your product but have not completed their profile after 1 week. Hook up data via your website, mobile apps or directly from the server. Outbound's interface allows non-technical people to build message flows and evaluate how sent messages affect customer actions.

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Visit the website: http://www.outbound.io/

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