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May 29, 2016

We use PeopleVine for customer payments and recurring billing.

Jordan Gilman

Founder & Chief Software Architect - PeopleVine

May 18, 2016

The PeopleVine platform gives a full marketing suite. We use our own software for everything. From content to landing pages, social, text messaging, events, CRM--it's all built into a single platform. We help brands communicate and connect with consumers, both online and in-person. Across all the components you choose what you want to use to interact with people.

Jordan Gilman

Founder & Chief Software Architect - PeopleVine

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PeopleVine - Best Email Marketing Tools for Startups

PeopleVine is a fully integrated content management system (CMS), marketing automation and sales tools on top of a core CRM to capture and nurture human interaction.

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