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Nov. 20, 2015

Prestige Employee Administrators is an HR outsourcing company based out of New Jersey. I’m using them across my four businesses. I would give them a 6/10 rating, but no better. I keep using them because I don’t have the time to research anything else; they’re the devil that I know. They’re a one-stop-shop HR resource department. They take care of medical, dental, vision, workers’ comp insurance for companies, as well as producing employee handbooks and offering you an off-the-shelf privacy policy. And if you have difficult situations come up, like having to fire or discipline employees, they have procedures in place already. It’s all under one roof, which is their greatest strength. Their biggest weakness is their customer service.

Garin Toren

Founder & CEO - messageLOUD

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Prestige is an outsourced Human Resources firm, sometimes referred to as a PEO.

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