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June 28, 2016

We have a link on Preview for where people can ask for something or apply feedback. It’s good for posting. We get a Slack notification for any feedback.

Augustin de Préville

Founder & CEO - Preview App

June 28, 2016

We founded Preview within our web agency, Fidesio. We used it internally and everyone really liked it so we released it. We created Preview because we always had to work with Trello and InVision. In a meeting, we saw that both were missing features and we decided it would be better to work on one platform and push everyone onto it. It allows people to manage projects--specifically project design for websites. It’s similar to Trello and JIRA, but you can collaborate and create comments on issues right on the designs and websites. You can prioritize issues, put them in backlogs, and give estimation times and many other things.

Augustin de Préville

Founder & CEO - Preview App

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Preview App - Best Mockups, Wireframes & Prototyping Tools for Startups

Preview is a simple way for designers, developers, and teams to share, manage and approve their creative work and manage web projects online.

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