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Sept. 30, 2015

If you’re looking at the entire marketing funnel, the tools work together like this: GoSquared and Chartbeat is used for what's happening on the site, while Google Analytics gives us a great tool for the top of our funnel. Kissmetrics and Amplitude are for the middle of our funnel, and then we use Tableau and Mode to ask deeper questions about retention and activation.

Peter Reinhardt

Co-founder & CEO - Segment

Sept. 15, 2015

Question: You’re a very data-driven business. Can you share your thoughts on the general landscape of BI/analytics tools? I'm very into analytics. I don’t think those enterprise tools get to the bottom of what you need to know. For an early-stage company, Mixpanel and Kissmetrics are useful and not so expensive, but we built our own custom reporting system, and I would advocate that everyone do that because building a foundational layer of data is as important as anything you'll do in the early stage. Relying on a third party to give you that information is equivalent to relying on a third party for understanding your business better than you do. Mixpanel and Kissmetrics are both focused around events/funnels and optimizing the way traffic moves through your site. They're more robust than Google Analytics in terms of building funnels in real time and understanding how traffic is running through your site. But if you're trying to figure out the lifetime value of different cohorts of customers, or trying to understand individuals and various segments of people, they fall short. All of those big enterprise tools are the same. HubSpot is a little better because it's a larger integration with your site as a whole, so it's possible through HubSpot to do more integrations and get down to the more individual lifetime value of very specific subsets--but it takes a lot of work to get to that point, and even then, the results you get are in a box that HubSpot has created. It's like doing all of that development work on someone else's platform. It’s better to just build an internal system.

Adam Schwartz

Co­-founder & COO - TeePublic

Sept. 14, 2015

Sources of financing like Bond Street and Lending Club, and, depending on the type of business, Behalf or Kabbage. I haven't used it, but think the team at Bond Street is great and I would trust them. Also, Wave is great for accounting, and Shake and LegalZoom are good for legal needs.

Dan Love

Founder - ExecCoach.Me

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