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Feb. 11, 2018

We use our own proprietary tool as a BI system and use external libraries to enhance it. We have multiple vendors, like Highcharts, a Javascript-based library that is programmatically available. We just started connecting with another platform, Rappid, that allows flow charts. These 2 primary platforms are used as integrations.

Idan Geva

Co-founder & Chief Business Officer - Wizer

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Rappid - Best Dashboards & Data Visualization Tools for Startups

Rappid is a diagramming framework for advanced applications, delivering the best of HTML 5 + SVG and providing you with the right tools to build outstanding products. Create your next visual tools in days, not months, by focusing on your underlying business logic instead of worrying about the UI.

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Visit the website: https://www.jointjs.com/

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