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July 23, 2016

Sendwithus is what we built our email stack on. The things we’re able to do with Sendwithus are amazing. We’re given the ability for our customers to run their own email campaigns, and we do that with Sendwithus. It’s really difficult to do that well, but Sendwithus does it super easily.

Marat Stary

Co-founder & CEO - getPartnered

June 12, 2016

We want our marketing team to edit drip campaigns without having to edit and code so they go to Sendwithus and that ties the email ID into a database.

David Kelso

Co-founder & CTO - Beyond Pricing

March 5, 2016

We apply different rules, run tasks, etc. with Sendwithus.

Jiyan Wei

Co-founder - BuildZoom

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Sendwithus - Best Drip Email Tools for Startups

Sendwithus is a complete platform that brings advanced email template management, A/B testing, and automation to users' cloud ESP.

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