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Nov. 8, 2015

SnackNation is an amazing food delivery service for offices. It has been one of the biggest things that has added to employee happiness. The effect that free snacks and chips in your kitchen has on morale is unbelievable. They send us a new box of snacks every month, and then their guy calls us at the end of the month, and asks what’s left in the kitchen, which is what we did not like, so he doesn’t send anymore of that. And we’ll tell him what people do like, and we’ll get more of that the next month. It’s about $500/month, and that gives us more than enough snacks for 50+ people. And they send snacks that are on the healthier side. It’s not all junk food. Our employees are more pumped about it than I thought they’d be!

Chris Beaver

CMO & EVP of Sales - ExecRank

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SnackNation - Best Office Operations Tools for Startups

SnackNation is a healthy snack delivery service for workplaces.

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