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Feb. 11, 2018

We’re at SOSA in Chelsea. We love the--it’s a great ecosystem. Their promise is that they connect startups with investors and potential service providers. It is one big ecosystem of relevant people you want to bump into at lunch or a presentation. I think it’s one of the best coworking spaces in terms of value. We’re sharing space with other startups who help invest, give advice, accountants, and law firms. They really make sure you can communicate with them as opposed to larger places/less focused places where everything is spread out and you only meet your neighbors. It’s a very diverse ecosystem focused on creating an open environment and it is not huge so you can meet everyone, but it is still big enough to meet people and make the most of it. Very Israel friendly as well.

Idan Geva

Co-founder & Chief Business Officer - Wizer

Aug. 18, 2017

We are at SOSA. They are not very big but we love them. It’s a great community.

David Sokolow

Co-founder & CEO - WeFind

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By bringing together startups, entrepreneurs, corporations and investors--all under one roof--SOSA has created an exclusive global network that bridges the gap between the supply and demand of corporate innovation. SOSA serves as a meeting place for the entire ecosystem, and its unique approach to open innovation creates business opportunities for startups, entrepreneurs, corporations, and investors alike.

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