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Feb. 28, 2016

We use SpeakUp for idea sharing and team problem solving. Since we’re a remote team, we can’t just tap each other on the shoulder to suss out an issue. We post the issues in SpeakUp, and it’s instantly visible to everyone. And if you’re scared or nervous about something you’re posting, you can always post anonymously. After something is posted in SpeakUp, everyone votes on it. This creates a positive feedback loop. As the CEO, this is super helpful because I can easily decide if we’re going to pursue an idea or not. And on top of that, I really feel that it’s important for the team to see why we’re doing something or not, and everything is made very clear when it’s posted, and then voted on, by the team. And if I approve an idea, SpeakUp is integrated with Trello, so we can fully track something until it’s completed. Along with issues, we post questions and problems in SpeakUp as well. Anyone can throw something up there and the team can agree and propose a solution.

Ray Gillenwater

Co-founder & CEO - SpeakUp

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SpeakUp - Best Performance Management Tools for Startups

SpeakUp enables anyone to create positive change at work with "employee-sourcing" the innovation process.

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