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Nov. 7, 2017

One of SquarePeg’s best features is the analytics they provide on a candidate about why they match on a specific role. We use it internally for our business hires. SquarePeg gives us a lot of non-resume data about what it’s like to actually to work with a person, how to interview them, what benefits and opportunities will incentivize them, and how to onboard them. The analytics provide detailed information on attributes a human resume-scan wouldn’t be able to find. We are able to source top notch candidates who are a good fit for our roles, and have valuable information on how to interview them, manage them and place them within our company.

Claire McTaggart

Founder & CEO - SquarePeg

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SquarePeg - Best Candidate Assessment Tools for Startups

SquarePeg is a job matching service for both employers and job seekers, which aims to bring better predictive data to job search, reducing reliance on resumes, referrals and job posts. We use custom online assessments to identify a job seeker's range of skills, character traits and aptitudes, and to match them with the unique predictors of performance for individual companies.

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Visit the website: https://www.squarepeghires.com/

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