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April 1, 2018

Of course, we use our own tool as well for hiring all the IT people. It has all been done through Techloop. It’s great because it’s the largest pool of IT professionals in the region. We have over 30,000 people listed on the website. If you want to hire someone for the regions I listed, it’s the biggest source of IT professionals. The direct access you get to them can’t be found anywhere else because you don’t have to go through an agency and you don’t have to coordinate with anyone else. You can just message people through Techloop and sell them the job and do it that way. The large pool of talent, which is curated, and the ease and efficiency with which we’re able to do so makes it great for us. It’s much more cost effective than using a recruiting agency.

Aaron Bohlman

Marketing Manager - Techloop

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Techloop is an online marketplace which connects IT professionals with hiring companies. Started by 3 founders who saw a gap in the IT recruiting industry, Techloop is flipping the marketplace on its head, allowing companies to message anonymous developers directly and cutting out the middleman entirely.  IT professionals receive relevant offers, upfront salary information, and a hiring bonus if they are hired through Techloop. 

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