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Jan. 21, 2016

We use Tender, and it does what it needs to do. But when you choose a help app, you have to be careful with building that big database, because then you’re locked into it. We’ve used Tender for a long time so it has our entire knowledge base in it. We’ve seen other services that look better, and have considered switching to another tool, but the the time and resources it would take to migrate to something new is not worth it at this point.

Robby Macdonell

VP of Product Development - RescueTime

Nov. 6, 2015

We’ve been using Tender for 10+ years, and they are great. They have fantastic customer service, their product integrates well with our software, and they offer many customization options for integrating.

Brett Derricott

Founder - Built for Teams

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Tender - Best Help Desk & Ticketing Tools for Startups

Tender is a comprehensive customer service support service.

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