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May 4, 2016

We love MailChimp; it is simple to use and really effective. We started with TinyLetter, but it wasn’t sophisticated enough--the graphical interface wasn’t great.

Jon Sumroy

Founder & CEO - Mifold

Oct. 14, 2015

It’s very simple, casual and cheaper than MailChimp. I like it, but I probably wouldn’t pay for it. It’s essentially one step up from bcc’ing people on Gmail--a slightly more public version of what you’d send to friends and family for updates. At this point, the main things I was looking for were a sign-up form and the ability for people to unsubscribe. I didn’t want to pay for anything, didn’t need segmentation, templates, A/B testing, etc. We just need to notify people of updates and keep them engaged. We'll probably end up moving to MailChimp at some point.

Nathan Bashaw

Founder & CEO - Hardbound

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TinyLetter - Best Newsletter Email Tools for Startups

TinyLetter is a personal newsletter service that users can use to send updates, digests, and dispatches to their fans and friends.

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Visit the website: https://tinyletter.com/

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