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March 10, 2016

The sales team uses Tout for outbound emails.

Bismarck Lepe

Founder & CEO - Wizeline

Sept. 14, 2015

We supplement Salesforce with Tout, a communication tool used by our SDR team to do prospecting at scale.

Vivek Sharma

CEO & Co-founder - Movable Ink

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ToutApp - Best Email Tracking Tools for Startups

ToutApp is an email management and productivity tool that helps you cultivate leads and track relationships. With features like individual tracking through both your email and your website (e.g., after Robert read your email he immediately looked at the pricing page on your website), email templates designed for specific user types, and automatic lead prioritization, ToutApp focuses on one-to-one, email based-relationships. It does have some limited CRM features, like contact management and conversation history, that allow it to be used as a mini-CRM, but the tool was initially intended as a complement to more comprehensive services like Salesforce. As ToutApp’s website states, it’s meant to “bridge the gap between your CRM and email,” consolidating everything into one easy workflow.

How startups use ToutApp?

ToutApp is useful to startups of all sizes; early stage start-ups appreciate it because it has enough features to help with email tracking while also acting as their primary CRM, and it’s useful to late-stage startups as an add-on to a more feature-rich CRM.

How much does ToutApp cost?

ToutApp offers three pricing plans. Be sure to check out the ToutApp website to take advantage of its free 14-day trial. Professional: Costs $30/month and unlocks all of ToutApp’s basic features for one user. Team: Costs $250/month for up to five users, and unlocks features like web tracking, deeper analytics and team collaboration features. Enterprise: Allows for more users and offers consulting and onboarding services,

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