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March 4, 2018

Different teams use one or the other. I personally prefer Trello. I like Trello better than JIRA. With JIRA they redesigned which made it hard to do the things we do. I prefer the UI design of Trello.

Aaron Rubin

Founder & CEO - ShipHero

Feb. 11, 2018

Trello is nice and easy, but we were having difficulties using it for product roadmaps with large features, as there is no way to bundle up tickets into bigger stories. We still use Trello for everything aside from software development.

Ed Chang

Co-founder & CEO - Sweet Technology

Jan. 25, 2018

We use Trello for productivity, and calendar reminders.

Andre Eikmeier

Co-founder & Co-CEO - Vinomofo

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Trello - Best Project Management Tools for Startups

Trello is a free project management tool that facilitates smooth collaboration across teams. Extremely user-friendly, intuitive and great for nontechnical audiences, Trello allows you to create lists and cards to manage projects, though it doesn’t have the extra bells and whistles of some of the bulkier project management tools. Its simple approach and friendly UX make Trello an especially good choice for Seed-stage and Series A startups that don’t have to support a big infrastructure or project pipeline.

How startups use Trello?

Trello can be used by groups of all sizes, though it is most appreciated by early-stage startups who value its lightweight and straightforward approach to project management.

How much does Trello cost?

It’s free! Business Class and Enterprise packages (starting at $3.75/user/month) are available for organizations that desire additional features like single sign-on and an account feature, as well as additional security precautions like hourly data backup and full SLL protocol.

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