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July 12, 2016

Zendrive is a platform for driver behavior monitoring and improvement. The platform is allowed for anyone to use and build applications on top of. We help companies that have a lot of drivers (ride sharing aggregators, car sharing, traditional fleets). All these companies are using us as their own app to keep track of how their drivers are driving on the road and help to improve them. We are mission driven to make all roads safer. Zendrive is inspired by technology to curate information and insights for drivers to help identify behaviors that are risky and dangerous, and then become better, safer drivers. Better drivers lead to less collisions.

Pankaj Risbood

Co-founder & VP Data - Zendrive

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Zendrive - Best Content Marketing Tools for Startups

Zendrive is the insight layer for the On-Demand economy, improving driving through better data and analytics.

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Visit the website: https://www.zendrive.com

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