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July 26, 2017

We use Zuora for subscription billing. It was a real pain to install, but it has been awesome since.

Matthew Bellows

Founder & CEO - Yesware

Oct. 21, 2016

We are just starting with the implementation of Zuora. We had been using Recurly but it was not flexible enough. We needed something more customizable and more powerful.

Rob Nelson

Founder & CEO - Grow

Oct. 21, 2016

We use Zuora’s billing system.

Rob Nelson

Founder & CEO - Grow

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Zuora - Best Tools for Startups

Zuora is an end-to-end subscription management platform that offers credit card processing, but also covers e-commerce and finance solutions for ongoing customer relationships. Its features cover a wide spectrum, from organizing your accounting and helping you build new packages for your customers, to creating checkout pages that are viewable through multiple channels. Zuora even offers a unique reporting system for subscription-based metrics. As far as payment processing goes, the platform helps you automate your billing cycle and create invoices, and it can handle over 200 currencies. Zuora offers an impressive spread of features, but we’ve also heard multiple accounts of frustrating APIs, UI issues and mediocre customer support.

How startups use Zuora?

Zuora has packages for teams of all sizes, including smaller groups, but its vast array of features and higher price points make it a better fit for larger Series A and B startups.

How much does Zuora cost?

Zuora doesn’t publicize its pricing information, but they do offer free trials for interested parties.

Vendor info

Visit the website: https://www.zuora.com/